Day-to-day business can sometimes be a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows!

Hopefully you will have more ‘ups’ than ‘downs’, but when you have to dig deep, what strategies can you use to see you through?

Adventurer Rob Lilwall is currently on a solo-mission trekking across the Taklamakan desert in China’s wild west. It’s a challenging journey and he’s had to battle against the odds to make it this far. There are lessons to be learned from Rob’s experiences and you can read about them in his regular column in Hong Kong’s SCMP newspaper.

Based on my own research with 40 successful business people from around the world, here are some useful strategies for when times are tough:

Top 10 Tips for Keeping Going

  1. Re-visit your clearly defined goals
  2. Stay close to your market and understand what’s going on
  3. Gather feedback from respected others
  4. Keep an open mind and look for improvements
  5. Go back to basics to make sure you are doing what works
  6. Decide what you need to change and act on it
  7. Review your past successes as a means of encouragement
  8. Keep busy with the right kind of activity
  9. Identify what you need to STOP doing
  10. Remember this is a test of character and you will come through it

Quote of the Day: “Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm”

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