Here’s a question for you.

Would you enter the Winter Olympics without the support of a coach?

Almost all of the world’s leading sports people employ coaches to help lift their game. But when it comes to business, our first thought can often be “Why do I need a Coach – what’s wrong?”

The answer is probably NOTHING, yet some of the world’s most successful business leaders including Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt and Richard Branson have all used coaches to help them along their business journey.

And a Stanford University survey of over 200 top CEOs and business leaders revealed that virtually all of them welcomed outside coaching to provide them with feedback, bounce ideas off a trusted source, help them improve performance and ultimately reach their goals.

Don’t just take my word for it, Bill Gates – the world’s richest man, founder of Microsoft and one of the greatest philanthropists of all time – says the same thing. Take a look at this 1.5 minute video clip on the value of coaching featuring Gates and Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt:

They reveal how coaching has provided them with honest, insightful feedback and a new perspective that helps improve their performance and make it easier for them and their companies to achieve goals.

But it’s not just famous people that can benefit from having a coach. If you are looking to hit business targets, overcome challenges and perform at your best – an executive coach could be your secret weapon!

To demonstrate how coaching has the power to unlock your potential I have put together a selection of case studies. If you would like to receive a copy click here and I will be happy to send them to you.