I recently read an article that made me laugh out loud!

It featured some of the worst excuses the British used for calling in sick and included such gems as:

I had a bad dream and needed the day to recover”

“I thought it was Saturday today”

“My partner threw the TV remote at me last night and I chipped my tooth.”

“I needed a day to catch-up on Brexit and learn how to apply for permanent residency”

And my personal favourite……

“I dreamt I was at work. As I thought I was already there I just stayed asleep!”

Of course, we can all have a laugh at this, but absenteeism can be a severe problem not least because it’s a sign of a lack of motivation, commitment and poor teamwork:

On the other hand, a number of our clients report the absolute opposite behaviour with committed staff dragging themselves into work, even when they are clearly under par.

Why is there such a big difference in behaviour in different workplaces?

Here are a few tips on how to boost employee engagement:

  1. Together with your team, co-create a vision & mission statement to ensure their buy-in
  2. Make sure these are clearly understood, communicated and kept alive
  3. Don’t rely on company-imposed targets and KPI’s to motivate your team. Take time to uncover their personal motivators and drivers too.

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Now the boring bit……

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