The current Covid-19 health alert is undoubtedly a disruptive event in anyone’s book. With a tragic loss of life and a mandatory two weeks of quarantine for arrivals from mainland China. In Hong Kong at the current time, most people have reverted to working from home, with face masks in short supply and many other precautions being put in place across the territory. The situation is far from ordinary! It did though provide a rather apt backdrop to my webinar on 17 February. Although not specific to the current situation, I presented on the steps businesses and individuals could take to turn disruptive events into opportunities.

I was delighted to be joined by 22 senior people to discuss the issue and examine how businesses can react positively to a crisis, which included my research on “doing business when times are tough”. We looked at the business success formula and identified actions that should be taken to prepare for business turnaround and success. After the presentation, there was a lively dialogue with the audience.

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