For millions of businesses, 2020 has been a ‘punch in the face’. It’s tragic to hear of so many deaths due to Covid-19 and the resulting lockdowns, travel bans, disruption, enforced business closures, redundancies and economic concerns. Our plans are in tatters!

If you are a business owner, how do you respond? What can you do to stay on your feet and survive? Last week I spoke at the Entrepreneurs Asia Summit on how to turning disruptive events into business opportunities. With the right tools and frame of mind, we can react positively, survive and thrive by taking advantage of the opportunities presented.

In the wake of my presentation, I received emails from people saying how helpful it was by giving them a way of moving forward from their current difficulties.

If you would like access to the presentation or if you need assistance making the most out of your opportunities, please get in touch with me.