Over the years, it’s been a privilege to meet some amazing leaders and to learn from their words of wisdom.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was from my personal mentor, Ron Hansell. He asked me to memorise this quote:

“Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent advantage” – Napoleon Hill

That was 35 years ago, and it’s been one of the guiding lights of my career.

Today, there are plenty of rocks on the runway… conflicts, rising fuel prices, inflation and Covid-19 restrictions to name but a few!

What do seasoned professionals do in times like these?

I contacted 35 professionals (all of whom I have personally known for 15 years or more) and asked their advice on how they overcome business challenges.

They gave me their permission to reveal their strategies and I want to share these with you today:

QUESTION: “What keeps you going through a bad patch?”

There were 10 strategies:

  1. Don’t go off the grid, stay close to the market
  2. Be willing to seek advice and consult others
  3. Dig deep into the root cause and understand the ‘why’
  4. Based on this, make changes, adapt and improve
  5. Go back to basics, the tried and tested methods
  6. Review your past successes as a source of encouragement
  7. Have faith in your abilities and the processes that have worked in the past
  8. Redefine your goals and focus on what’s important
  9. Keep busy with relevant activity that generates business
  10. Repeat, repeat, repeat – just keep on going!