Someone asked me recently “What’s the most important competency of a leader?”

I was tempted to say “communication skills” or maybe “resilience” in light of events in recent years.

We could debate this for a very long time, but few would disagree that decision making must be up there among the top skills every leader needs.

Whatever role you currently find yourself in, exercising sound judgement is a core skill that has the potential to turbo-charge your career or cause you to score some spectacular own goals!

Hogan Assessments have identified 8 different decision making styles:

1.    The Chess Player– strategic experience-based decisions
2.    The Surgeon
 – tactical experience-based decisions
3.    The Stock Trader
– reward seeker making tactical data-based decisions
4.    The Auditor
– avoiding threats using tactical data
5.    The Defence Analyst 
– strategic data-based decisions to avoid long-term threats
6.    The Promoter
– seeking short-term rewards based on experience
7.    The Investor
– maximising long-term rewards based on strategic data
8.    The Politician
– using experience for long-term rewards

You may have a rough idea of your own natural preferences, but the most accurate way of knowing is to carry out a confidential assessment.

The Hogan Judgement Report will identify your best decision making style and provide you with tailor-made tips & suggestions to help make your decision making more effective.

If you would like more details on leadership or decision making please get in touch.