Improving deep listening, thinking and note taking

4th February 2021By Trevor SmithBulletins

In order to add value to our clients and business partners, we hosted a series of events with Jonathan Kemp, the creator of an outstanding deep listening, thinking and note taking tool – Smart Wisdom I have been trialling this over the last four months and it’s deepened my thinking and listening during meetings. There … Read More

Sustainability vs. Business Success – Clash of the Titans?

2nd February 2021By Trevor SmithBulletins

48 senior leaders were part of an engaging panel discussion at The Sounding Board. A big ‘thank you’ to Christina Lee, Manuel Baigorri and Stephen Barry for sharing their wisdom on sustainability. We discussed practical tips and natural next steps for leaders looking to bring sustainability and business success to the forefront of their corporate … Read More

How to Have a Good Conversation

7th July 2020By Trevor SmithArticles, Communication, Success

How good is your ‘conversational competence’? This might sound like a strange question to ask, but is there any 21st century skill more important than being able to sustain an engaging, coherent and confident conversation? Nothing beats a good face-to-face conversation for making a deep and meaningful connection.  But much of today’s communication is based on being … Read More

Grey Hair Is Back In Fashion

15th May 2020By Trevor SmithSuccess

Based purely on age alone, the chances are that anyone under the age of 32 has not experienced a GENUINE business recession in their working lifetime. For example, just before Hong Kong went into lockdown mode in January I was invited to run a team coaching session for a group of professionals at their regular … Read More

Trevor Smith introduces The Orchard Partnership

1st January 2020By Trevor SmithVideos

The Orchard Partnership’s founder, Trevor Smith talks about his motivation for setting up his executive coaching practice in Hong Kong. Trevor outlines his business experience and qualifications and briefly introduces the executive coaching, training and facilitation services on offer.