How to Have a Good Conversation

7th July 2020By Trevor SmithArticles, Communication, Success

How good is your ‘conversational competence’? This might sound like a strange question to ask, but is there any 21st century skill more important than being able to sustain an engaging, coherent and confident conversation? Nothing beats a good face-to-face conversation for making a deep and meaningful connection.  But much of today’s communication is based on being … Read More

Grey Hair Is Back In Fashion

15th May 2020By Trevor SmithSuccess

Based purely on age alone, the chances are that anyone under the age of 32 has not experienced a GENUINE business recession in their working lifetime. For example, just before Hong Kong went into lockdown mode in January I was invited to run a team coaching session for a group of professionals at their regular … Read More

Unlocking the potential of young leaders

16th July 2019By Trevor SmithArticles, Coaching, Success

Young leaders often report being on a ‘performance treadmill’ with little time to step back and reflect. They usually approach their careers from a technical perspective with less time spent on developing the soft skills needed to flourish at higher level. Therefore, Executive Coaching assignments often centre around carving out time for reflection, increasing self-awareness … Read More

The Worst Excuses for Calling in Sick

31st May 2019By Trevor SmithArticles, Success

I recently read an article that made me laugh out loud! It featured some of the worst excuses the British used for calling in sick and included such gems as: “I had a bad dream and needed the day to recover” “I thought it was Saturday today” “My partner threw the TV remote at me last night and … Read More

Achieve Your New Personal Best in 2019

14th January 2019By Trevor SmithArticles, Success

Strategies to Kick Start Your Year It’s that time of year when most of us are gazing into 2019 wondering how we are going to achieve our personal goals, business targets and KPI’s. So rather than simply wish you a “Happy New Year” I wanted to add value by giving ideas to help create momentum … Read More

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

11th April 2017By Trevor SmithSuccess

Day-to-day business can sometimes be a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows! Hopefully you will have more ‘ups’ than ‘downs’, but when you have to dig deep, what strategies can you use to see you through? Adventurer Rob Lilwall is currently on a solo-mission trekking across the Taklamakan desert in China’s wild west. It’s a … Read More

Why does “talent” not always guarantee success?

14th March 2017By Trevor SmithSuccess

Working as an executive coach and trainer I get to meet some amazingly talented people from a wide range of backgrounds and industries. Over the last 30 years I must have met thousands of business professionals and I am still curious as to what makes people succeed. Is there a magic ingredient? There is a view that only two personality traits determine … Read More

Are you playing to your strengths?

14th February 2017By Trevor SmithSuccess

You are unique. There is no one else exactly like you on the planet! ……. but have you ever stopped to carry out a personal audit of your strengths, to make sure you are maximising on the real ‘YOU’? Identifying your uniqueness can take a lifetime of discovery. For some, it can be a long … Read More