EXECUTIVE COACHING Expert coaching for talented individuals

Why Executive Coaching?

Investing in Executive Coaching can provide real
tangible benefits to you and your organisation:


performance and productivity


clarity of objectives


for achieving corporate and career goals


leadership and decision making


perspectives and insights


challenges faced


working relationships


and develop top talent


employee engagement


personal support


for managing stress levels


personal development goals


In the initial stages we consult with you and your organisation to establish the coaching objectives. Fees are agreed based on your requirements and the specifics of the assignment. Coaches are selected by you after a selection process.


The design of executive coaching programs vary depending on your requirements and will be outlined in full at consultation stage. We follow the International Coaching Federation guidelines and code of ethics


We commit to working in partnership with all parties in line with the coaching brief. Coaching sessions are held regularly and flexed to dovetail in with work and travel schedules.

EXECUTIVE Coaching Packages

Leadership Coaching

Everything starts at the top! We work with senior leaders to provide ‘no nonsense’ confidential executive coaching that filters down through the whole organisation.

Business Coaching

Are you working ‘on’ or ‘in’ your business? Our one-to-one coaching for businesses helps build your business and create a lasting legacy.

Virtual Coaching

Connect with your coach through the convenience of an online video conference.

Job Transition

Hit the ground running! We help craft high impact 100 day plans that help manage a successful job transition.

Emerging Talent

There’s no success without a successor! We partner with high potentials to position them for future success.

Career and Outplacement

The best is yet to come! Position yourself for your next role with our career and outplacement coaching service.

What clients are saying about our Executive Coaching

"Your professionalism, experience and sector knowledge on top of the chemistry with the coachee was the winning combination"

Head of Business
Financial Services, Hong Kong

“With Trevor’s help, my business has more than trebled in profits. The investment I spent pays for itself 10x or 20x or 30x over. If you don’t have a coach, what excuses do you give for not having one?”

Author, adventure and keynote speaker
Hong Kong

“Trevor has been an important catalyst for helping to progress my professional career. His guidance has given me the courage to face my weaknesses and turn them into strengths with clever but for the most part simple strategies. I would have no hesitation recommending Trevor for anyone looking to move up the corporate ladder.”

Executive Director
Property Services, Hong Kong & China

“Trevor is very focused on exploring and helping one grow and become more influential, successful both in personal and work. I have found our conversations exceptionally fruitful and thought provoking at times. Trevor has helped provide me with some new tools & techniques – thanks immensely”

CTO Insurance Company
Hong Kong


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