SALES COACHING Don’t struggle on your own – partner with a sales coach

What is BD and Sales Coaching?

A working partnership with a proven sales professional to
help smash targets and achieve consistent results.

Why Invest in BD and Sales Coaching?

Win the Business

The benefits of sales coaching can be seen in real time as tools, strategies and methodologies can be immediately applied.

Keep Learning

Top performing sales professionals are always learning and developing. Sales coaching provides a confidential framework that encourages accountability, performance reviews and self-reflection.

Personal Support

It’s tough out there! Sales coaching provides a safe environment to share, offload and build resilience.

Inspire and Motivate

Put a spring in the step of your sales professionals by tapping into their individual drivers.


In the initial stages, we consult with you and your organisation to establish the coaching objectives. Fees are agreed based on your requirements and the specifics of the assignment. Coaches are selected by you after a selection process.


The design of sales coaching programmes varies depending on your requirements and will be outlined in full at the consultation stage. We follow the guidelines and codes of ethics of both the International Coaching Federation and European Mentoring and Coaching Council.


We commit to working in partnership with all parties in line with the coaching brief. Coaching sessions are held regularly and flexed to dovetail in with work and travel schedules.


“Ships are safe in the harbour,
but that’s not what they were built for.”


What clients are saying about our Sales Coaching


“Strategising negotiating tactics with Trevor really helped in a key negotiation with a vendor and led to a strong Win-Win scenario recognised by both internal and external stakeholders.”

Online music distribution
Asia Region

“Trevor has been working with me over the last 6 weeks. I have been thoroughly impressed with Trevor's thoughtful, practical and creative approach and I have both enjoyed and benefited from the experience. I hope to work with Trevor again in the future and have no reservations in recommending him highly.”

Sales Director, manufacturing

“It was a great learning time in your account management these last 2 weeks, the session was interactive and fruitful. Hope we will see again some days and exchange more ideas!”

Business Strategy Manager Sales, Telecoms
Hong Kong

"I found the coaching sessions both challenging and rewarding as we worked together toward my career and personal goals. To perform at your best, having a coach is not just an option, it's a necessity; I would highly recommend anyone who desires top results to invest in these valuable exercises."

Online luxury goods start-up
Hong Kong


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