Technical Skills Are Important, But They Can Only Get You So Far

In a recent survey of HR professionals ‘sales skills’ were highlighted as the most sought after by employers in today’s business environment. We have drawn on our 30 years of front line business experience to develop a comprehensive suite of sales training programs designed to sharpen your business acquisition skills and achieve lasting results.


We work hard to ensure that time spent in training is an investment and not simply an excuse to spend your budget! Sadly, we’ve been on the receiving end of some shockingly bad training over the years, that’s why we take the time and trouble to put ourselves in your shoes to understand your training needs.


We meet with you to conduct a sales training needs analysis to identify the outcomes you and your organisation are seeking to achieve. We then present your tailor made program and fine tune accordingly.


We are constantly striving to keep up to date with the latest developments, so that you and your teams receive top quality programs at affordable prices.

SALES Training Programs

Here is a selection of what we do

The ‘You’ Factor

Make a positive impact and develop your personal brand.

Sales Leadership and Managment

Tools and techniques for building, leading and managing elite sales teams.

Sales Foundations

You can’t skip the basics! Build the foundations for a stunning career, no matter what your profession.

Win-Win Negotiation Skills

Build collaborative business relationships and outcomes where everybody wins.

Generate More Business

Proven technigues for securing new clients, repeat business and referrals.

Present to Anyone, Anywhere

Designing, perfecting and delivering powerful pitches.


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