Team Coaching Perform as one, not as a collection of individuals

What is Team Coaching?

“Team coaching enables a team to co-create greater beneficial
value with and for all their stakeholders.”
- Global Team Coaching Institute

Why Invest in Team Coaching?

Create the right team conditions your organisation needs by partnering with an experienced and accredited team coach.

Perform as a Team

Being IN a team is not the same as performing AS a team. Team coaching can help bring a collection of diverse individuals together into a fully functioning team.

Achieve Better Results

Create the right conditions for the team to achieve sustainable performance outputs.

Build Strong Bonds

Enable the team to have the conversations they need with each other and their stakeholders.

Overcome Challenges

Elevate the team and its relationships so it can flourish, no matter what challenges occur.


In the initial stages, we consult with you and your organisation to establish the coaching objectives. Fees are agreed based on your requirements and the specifics of the assignment. Coaches are selected by you after a selection process.


The design of team coaching programmes varies depending on your requirements and will be outlined in full at the consultation stage. We follow the guidelines and codes of ethics of both the Global Team Coaching Institute, International Coaching Federation and European Mentoring and Coaching Council.


We commit to working in partnership with all parties in line with the coaching brief. Coaching sessions are held regularly and flexed to dovetail in with work and travel schedules.


“Tough times don’t last, but top teams do”


What clients are saying about our Executive Coaching


“Unlike any other programs that I’ve ever been into, this is the most practical and I think I can apply the things I learnt directly. Trevor made us feel comfortable and participate in an easy and natural way.”

South Korea

“It turned out above my and the team’s expectations. It was a great investment in growing the team. You did a great job in connecting with the team and give them lots of information, knowledge and practical tools for their personal development and to help their own team members.”

COO, Sourcing
Hong Kong

“I must say this is the life change coaching for me. Thanks a lot Trevor!”

Team Head, Branding Company
Hong Kong

“From what he told me, you’ve really transformed their company.”

CEO, Hospitality
Hong Kong


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